Wall Formwork

MultiPRO-XT is a modular, cost effective & very versatile wall forming system, which allows assemble fo large formwork areas as a single unit, thereby resulting in substantial saving in idke time & required man hours for usages, also resulting in longer life for plywood and achirving excellent concrete finish.

XT Soldiers are capable to catering to all concrete pressure requirements within permissible deflections. This results in excellent concerete finish.

To optimize the spacing of the soldiers and tie loading, Elite A150/A120/B150 Aluminum formwork beams are recommended as waling. However, if desired this system can also be used with timber or steel waling.

A set of wall designed accessories ensure minimal erection time. Pllly can be quickly nailed to the timber inserts which are inbuilt in Elite range of Aluminum formwork beams.

Xt Soldiers, with a small range of accessories can also be quickly used as heavy push pull strut, vertical, horizontal or inclined shoring. Well defined physical properties ensure safe & optional usages.

Full design backup support ensure optiomal safe and economical design.

XT Corner soldiers provide excellent solution to wall coeners. Effectively, they replace two standard soldiers. These can be left attached to one side foemwork panel during shifting of the formwork.

A range of tie solutions are available to cater to different site requirements.

MultiPRO-XT system also offers excellent solutions to single sided wall concereting reqirements as standaed solders are incorporated as vertical, horizontal & inclined members. Single sided wallform solutions up to a height of 5m are designed in this manner without any purpose made truss system.

Curved & circular walls, channels & tanks formwork is also designed with this system with minimal accessories to enable full height single concreting in most cases. this also elimintes requirements of any purose made pre-curved waling to suit the curvature.

When coupled with climbing brackets, this system offers a fast solution to high rise shear walls & lift cores. Prevision fo vertical and horizontal alignment and roll back mechanism ensures excellent finish.

Special, adjustable & self lockin platforms with pocket formers are used with this system to provide a cost effective solution for lift core interior walls. Internal corner assemble enables trouble free removal of internal formwork, while resulting in goos corner finish.

Horizontal traveling high walls/Channels concreting solutions are also cost effectively designed with MultiPRO-XT System.

Specialized solutions like support for concreting of heavy transfer beams up to 4 m deep at great heights & with larg spans up to 25 m are designed with this syatem. these solutions also eliminate the back propping requiremts of lower floors slab thereby effecting substantial saving of equipment, time & labour.

Compared with timber beam wall formwrk system, MultiPRO-XT is more durable an varsatile. No. drilling of walers for vertical splicing is requires. Elite Formwork Beams, although have similar physical properties, are much lighter as compared to corresponding timber beams and have a much longer life. The entire system, after decade of use will still have reasonable residual value.

ST Solders features -
Axial compression 100 KN
Permissible bending movement 36 KNM
Bending moment capacity at joint 9.8 KN

Corner Solders features -
Permissible bending movement 9.25 KNM
Maximum allowable tie load between two spacers in any direction 50 KN
Minimum size of bearing plate at tie location 100X120 mm

Standard size of XT Soldier and corner soldier-
3150 mm 2925 mm 2700 mm
2475 mm 2250 mm 2025 mm
1800 mm 1575 mm 1350 mm
1125 mm 900 mm 450 mm

Complete engineering backup for safe and optiomal usages the equipments for various applications.