Aludeck is characterized by
  • Economy in efficient use of resources Aludeck panels although being light can withstand the ragged conditions of construction sites and have a remarkably long life span with proper handling. The shuttering surface composed of high quality film faced birch ply is well protected with in the aluminium frame and with proper maintenance yields high quality repeatedly.
  • Easy and fast to erect. The light weight of the Aluminium frame panels and the easy placement process allows even two operatives to maintain a high production rate. Fast erection and striking times mean a higher utility rate further enhancing the system’s cost efficiency.
  • Flexibility to adjust to dimensional requirements. Complete closure of complicated surfaces with the aid of extension connectors.
  • High Bearing Load Capacity
  • Drop-head is available
  • Light weight Aluminum panel system
  • High performance European Birch plywood facing
  • Compatible with quick release mechanism, can be removed within 3‐4 days post concreting
  • Suitable for use with Props or any other staging system
  • Hundreds of uses ages with

Aludeck formwork system is produced with robotic welding in Europe by PZ Scaffoldings Ltd. HIMSKAF SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. has exclusive representative rights for India & all neighboring countries for this system.

A simple modular slab decking system, RapiFlex enables fast and safe erection and dismantling while utilizing a small number of parts and deploying less labour. The light weight of the ALite Aluminum beams, or, S20 and S16 timber beams is an added advantage. The flexibility of the system makes it suitable for use thickness and geometry of the slab.

ALite Aluminum Formwork beams A150/ A120 and B150, as also, S20 and S16 timber formwork beams are all generally suitable for use both as primary and secondary runners. The ability to overlap them eliminates any need for cutting these to required length, thereby extending its life and avoiding any wastage of material.

RapiFlex Decking System is suitable for use under slabs of any thickness and configuration. This system can be designed for practically any required staging height of the slab, and is fully compatible for application with Props and any decking system with well defined load parameters

Our design team can assist in providing a most detailed, cost effective and safe decking solution for any project as per client's requirement.

The added advantage of using ALite light weight Aluminum formwork beams is that it can also be integrated with MultiPro‐XT System, suitable for wall concreting, as also, QFlex Column Formwork system, thereby, enabling a substantial reduction in inventory.

  • A very flexible hand set system
  • Controlled inventory with very few components
  • Fast erection and dismantling, requiring less manpower
  • Light weight ALite Aluminum beams/Timber beams used
  • Provision to overlap runners eliminates wasteful cutting of runners
  • Can be designed for any soffit height, and any thickness of slab
  • Compatible with props, or any staging system
  • Safe and economical
  • Full engineering backup support

RapiDeck Slab Formwork System

System Advantages:
  • Two Versions - (i) RepiDeck-Alite, and (ii) RepiDeck-Pro
  • Simplicity of handling under site conditions
  • Reduced time for erection and dismantling
  • Less labour intensive
  • Very cost effective
  • Versatile, suitable for frame structure, and flat slab construction
  • Compatible with props and any other staging support system
  • Safe and controlled removal of components
  • Additional work area can be created to provide safe access
  • Components are light weight and robust
  • Faster turnaround cycle, increased productivity
  • Enables early striking of part formwork
  • Enables safe working practices
  • Fully supported with design backup to suggest cost effective and safe application

RapiDeckAlite and RapiDeckPro systems deploy the technique of early striking to facilitate the removal of formwork in 3 to 4 days after concreting a slab, while supporting staging consisting of props or scaffold decking remains undisturbed under the concreted sloab for the required longer duration, until the concrete is strong enough to support its own weight over its full span.


Temporary Edge protection is used in construction work, primarily to prevent persons, or objects from falling from work surfaces like concrete slabs etc. These surfaces may be horizontal, or inclined. As per the European standard guidelines, Class A, Class B, and Class C classifications have been made for the type of protection required.

Class A is generally recommended for most concrete frames, formwork decks, stairways, flat roofs (up to 10 degree slopes),etc. HIMSKAF EDGEGUARD SYSTEM offers a higher standard of edge protection to reduce the risk of falls from heights generally following the above guidelines.

Many traditional methods of guardrail protection in the formwork, steelwork and slab edge applications no longer offer adequate edge protection when measured against the new safety guidance requirements for multi‐storeyed construction.

The HIMSKAF EDGEGUARD has been developed to provide a new standard of edge protection. It sets a better level of edge protection performance, and offers high visibility reassurance on site

HIMSKAF EDGEGUARD has a number of important features and benefits:

  • Designed to the latest safety standard
  • High Visibility protection
  • In-built toe board
  • Fuller mesh‐infilled protection for operatives and loose materials

  • Fast to install
  • Simple to install without needing specialist skills
  • Easy, economical stacking and storage

Range of options
  • EDGEGUARD is multipurpose system with a number of option:
  • Slab edge of flat slab anchoring
  • Beam edge clamping
  • ALite Aluminium formwork beam clamping, etc.